Amur Tiger Center on the II Russian Geographical Society Festival

  • 08.11.2015
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Amur Tiger Center on the II Russian Geographical Society Festival

From October 30 to November 8, 2015, the II Festival of the Russian Geographical Society was held in the Central House of Artists in Moscow. The Amur Tiger Center took an active part in the festival.

This year the exposition of the festival was built on the principle of natural zones: the Arctic and tundra, the steppes and subtropics, mountains, forests, oceans, seas and rivers. Each of the ten days was devoted to a specific topic: ethnography, tourism, expeditions, history, animated films and, of course, the day of animals, which took place on November 7.

On this day, before the visitors of the event were:

 - children's writer Sergey Georgiev with a lecture on the history of the creation of a children's book about the tiger cub Amurchik;

 - Alla Glukhova, leading zoologist at the Moscow Zoo, coordinator of the EARAZA program for the conservation and reproduction of the Amur tiger, with a lecture on “The role of zoos in the conservation of the Amur tiger”;

 - Alexei Podtrukin, Junior Researcher at the Moscow Zoo Scientific Research Department, with a lecture on “Enrichment of the Environment: How to Improve the Quality of Life of Animals in Zoos”;

 - Director of the Primorsky Branch of the Amur Tiger Center, Ph.D. Sergey Aramilev with a lecture “The current state of the Amur tiger population. Results and prospects of protection”.

Read more about Sergey Aramilev lecture on the website of the Russian Geographical Society.

On the main stage of the festival was a children's entertainment show “Amur Tiger Hour” with quizzes on striped predator and team games.  The winners of the competition were presented with books by children's writer Sergei Georgiev "Amurchik and his taiga friends." Also for young visitors, quests and master classes were organized, dedicated to the largest cat on earth. 

In total, during the festival, “The Tiger Hour” was held 4 times: October 30, November 4, 7 and 8. In addition, every day everyone could paint the Amur tiger on a huge digital screen, print the resulting pictures and take them with them. In addition, information about the Amur tiger and methods of its protection could be obtained daily at the stand of the Amur Tiger Center and from volunteers at the Moscow Zoo.

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