How to help a tiger?

How to help a tiger?

Here we talk about our joint projects with companies that transfer part of their profits to help nature or promote environmental protection, as well as areas in the tiger range that you can visit and be sure that your money, time and effort will go to a good cause. .

You can help the Amur tiger and thus become his friend in different ways. It all depends on your capabilities, skills and, of course, desire. Therefore, on this page we have also made a form for those who want to become a volunteer, conduct scientific activities in the tiger range or get a job in one of the environmental organizations.

In addition, we can simply write a letter of support, send a children's drawing and subscribe to us on social networks.

Our friends who are already helping the Amur tiger

Become a friend and start
helping the tiger
Become a volunteer
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Do you want to help the Amur tiger as a volunteer (including as a media volunteer) or is your dream to get a job in the conservation area in the Amur tiger's range? Send us your CV! We will find out where vacancies are currently open, what conditions are there, and we will inform you of all the information. If you are serious, then we recommend your candidacy.

I am a researcher and I want to study the Amur tiger

Send me to the Taiga. Now!

Creativity corner

Send us drawings, letters, postcards or any other art about the tiger. We will publish the best works on our pages in social networks.

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