Hunting Control Service works more efficiently now

  • 20.10.2015
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Hunting Control Service works more efficiently now

The hunting supervision service of Primorye increasingly began to encounter resistance from poachers. This indicates the effectiveness of the work of inspectors. Experts of the Amur Tiger Center came to this conclusion after summarizing the work in the third quarter of 2015.

The department of hunting supervision of Primorye summed up the work of the staff of its subordinate institution KGBU "Directorate for the Protection of Fauna and Protected Areas" for the third quarter of 2015. According to its results, over the last month of summer and the beginning of autumn, inspectors made up 193 protocols on administrative offenses, seized 37 shotguns and shotguns. Poachers were caught mainly during the fishery without permits, including for illegal extraction of ungulates, which entails serious responsibility, including criminal liability.

According to experts, the Hunting Surveillance Service has become more efficient. Since the beginning of the year, they have confiscated 10 wild boar individuals, 28 roe deer individuals and 3 sika deer individuals from violators. A claim for damage to nature only for the illegal production of one roe deer is at least 60 thousand rubles, while a citizen can lose the right to hunt from 1 to 3 years. During this year, 6 people have already been deprived of hunting permits for hunting without permits for ungulates and prohibited territories.

“If we compare with the last year, then the further we work, the less we fix minor violations of the rules of hunting.  This is due to the fact that now the hunters began to realize that public service appeared in the hunting grounds, they felt its presence and began to be corrected. We teach them to hunt on legal grounds, discipline them,” says Stanislav Fadeev, head of the department for the protection of objects of the animal world of the KGBU “Directorate for the Protection of Animal World and Protected Natural Areas”.  - “Nevertheless, the inspectors began to record in their protocols the disobedience of the detainees to the official.  Only in the third quarter of these were two recorded cases, and many cases do not fall into the official statistics.  This is due to the tightening of hunting rules, as well as an increase in the size of fines and lawsuits for the illegal seizure of objects of the animal world.”

Recall that in the KGBU "Directorate for the Protection of the Animal World and Protected Areas" employs 9 task forces and 15 state inspectors of regional reserves. In 2014, their efforts were carried out more than 3 thousand raids. As a result, 1307 protocols on administrative violations were filed, 3 criminal cases were initiated.

“Our main task is to create an effective system of wildlife protection, which is why we put a lot of effort into developing the Hunting Supervision Service.  It is gratifying that our efforts and other environmental organizations are not in vain.  When checking documents, inspectors are less likely to meet hunters without documents for hunting or who have committed a serious offense.  The negative indicator of the increase in the number of resistances during the arrest or even attacks on inspectors is also a clear indication that the order is growing more,” says Sergey Aramilev, director of the Amur Tiger Center, Primorsky branch.  - “Nevertheless, there are serious problems that need to be addressed to all of us right now - this is personnel “hunger” and social insecurity.  The work of the inspector is not the easiest, and in our opinion, in terms of social security and wages, they should not differ from the employees of law enforcement agencies - the police and the army. Therefore, our bonus system is the mechanism that allows us to partially solve one of these problems.”

In the third quarter, the total amount of cash incentives will amount to almost 240 thousand rubles. Recall that the project of awarding inspectors of the Service for Hunting Surveillance in the Primorsky Krai has been operating since January 2014. It was then that an agreement was signed on mutual cooperation between the center and the KGBU "Directorate for the Protection of Objects of Fauna and Protected Areas" of the Primorsky Krai. In addition, with the support of the center, the Hunting Surveillance Service is being re-equipped.  After all, its inspectors have to protect about 15.5 million hectares of hunting grounds and regional protected areas, therefore, in order to quickly cover such a territory, we need passable and reliable equipment. In total, for the years 2014-2015, 5 cars, 9 ATVs and 9 snowmobiles were handed over.

Experts remind that a citizen, going on a hunt, is obliged to have four main documents with him: a hunting ticket, a weapon permit, a permit for the withdrawal of an animal and a voucher from the hunting society if he hunts in the assigned hunting grounds.

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