The results work of the Hunting Control of Primorsky Krai for 2015 are summed up

  • 02.03.2016
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The results work of the Hunting Control of Primorsky Krai for 2015 are summed up

Nearly 15 million hectares of hunting grounds and regional wildlife areas are under reliable protection of service of a hunting control in Primorye. The Amur Tiger Center assist inspectors in fight against poaching.

The last year for the staff of service of a hunting control of Primorsky Krai was productive. According to regional Department on protection, control and regulation of use of objects of fauna, in 2015 inspectors have revealed in the territory of the region 1632 violations in the field of hunting and the nature protection legislation, is withdrawn from poachers 171 units of weapon and collected penalties for the sum of 1 million 736 thousand rubles. Except administrative offenses, by results of work of department in 2015 9 criminal cases connected with use during hunting of weapon without documents, illegal production with causing large damage, use of explosives and hunting for wild animals in especially protected territory have been opened.

There were also resonant detentions. For example, in March, 2015 task forces of inspectors in the Anuchinsky Region of Primorye have detained the car in which inside carcasses of 5 roes have been found.

"As examination has established then, in that case only one animal has been got by means of firearms, the others - are brutally killed with hunting knives. The young people detained in the car were contract servicemen of one of military units, at themselves they had also an illegal weapon. It has been established also that one of them was in drug intoxication. One more loud detention in 2015 has happened in the Terneysky Region of Primorye. Here inspectors managed to stop the illegal car during night hunting at which powerful lighting fixtures for dazzle of wild animals are used. In a car interior there were again people who as obliges have to be an example for other citizens" - Alexey Surovy, the deputy director of department of hunting supervision of Primorsky Krai has commented.

These results are achieved at continuous interaction and the help of the Amur Tiger Center. In November of last year before a hunting season powerful joint anti-illegal raid with inspectors of Department of a hunting control, KGBU "Directorate on Protection of Objects of Fauna and OOPT" and police officers of OMON which has set the general tone for passing of a hunting season in the legal framework has been conducted.

"The hunting control, except function of direct protection of grounds, has rather big blocks of work on monitoring of a condition of objects of fauna and work with okhotpolzovatel and hunters. The main objective of service of a hunting control, as well as other security agencies, - not identification, but prevention of offenses. Dry figures of statistics reflect only that part of activity which is connected with already caught violators, and huge layer of work on prevention of violations remains imperceptible though plays not less important role. Only one emergence of task force in the area sharply reduces the number of persons interested will illegally hunt, but, certainly there are also those to whom even at the strengthened prevention the law not the decree, with them it is possible to resolve an issue only by power methods, - Sergey Aramilev, the director of Primorsky Amur Tiger Center Department comments. - We see that active support of service of a hunting control by the public and state organizations bears fruit. Not in all districts of the region a situation identical therefore still is on what to work. Law-abiding hunters first of all are interested in that in the wood there was an order, the quantity of hoofed animals, so, and a tiger directly depends on it".

Support of the Amur Tiger Center happens also in everyday work of service. So, following the results of 2015 among inspectors of KGBU "Directorate on Protection of Objects of Fauna and OOPT" her leaders who were promoted were defined. The Amur Tiger center appoints a quarterly award for effective work of inspectors. In total for 2015 2 518 300 rub of encouragement have been paid. And in order that nearly 15 million hectares of hunting grounds and especially protected natural territories of the region were under reliable protection, in 2015 5 SUVs, 6 ATVs, a snowmobile and also the necessary equipment and a special form have been transferred to inspectors in summer and winter option.

"It is necessary to understand that work of a hunting control is not only search and detention of violators of the law, but also a lot of work with okhotpolzovatel. And is on what we will pay special attention now. Unfortunately, recently work of staff of department came down and estimated generally by the number of the detained violators – that, in my opinion, is incorrect. The game manager, he is an inspector, first of all has to be engaged in processes of the organization of hunting farms, monitoring and management of populations of wild animals, educational questions", - Pavel Fomenko, the Honorary worker of conservation of the Russian Federation comments.

Keeping habitats and a food supply of the Amur tiger, Russia constantly gives support on hardware of service of a hunting control of Primorsky Krai in general, participates in conducting judicial biological examinations for adequate investigation of offenses in relation to objects of the wild nature and gives legal support that guilty persons haven't evaded responsibility. In addition, together with government institutions and the Amur Tiger Center, the Fund will organize monitoring of rare species, holds educational seminars, advises special groups on minimization of the conflicts with rare predators. 

According to Department of a hunting control, in 2015 78 messages about conflict situations have arrived, and only 35 of them have been authentically confirmed. And cases in which the Amur tiger or an Amur leopard even less – 13 appears. In Department of a hunting control of Primorsky Krai the task force on permission of conflict situations works with large predators. Her experts regularly inform the nature protection organizations on emergence of incidents, quickly leave on a point of impact of a predator with the person, when obtaining permission from Rosprirodnadzor participate in withdrawal of a rare animal from the nature. For humane catching of predators the Amur Tiger Center last year has transferred to participants of this group special loops and also satellite phone with a package of broadcasting time, the car of the increased passability, the ATV and a snowmobile.

Unfortunately, last year it wasn't succeeded to avoid death of rare predators: resonant cases was two. In August, 2015 in Lazovsky district near the village of Kishinyovka the poacher has shot a tiger. The suspect has been detained, legal investigation continues. And in November on the route "Razdolnoye-Hasan" the car has hit a male of an Amur leopard who has died on the spot.

According to the single account which is carried out in 2015, from 540 Amur tigers living in the south of the Far East of Russia, 417 - 425 striped cats "are registered" in the territory of Primorsky Krai, and the number of an Amur leopard is 60-70 individuals. For maintenance of population in a stable state and increases in number of rare animals united work of the nature protection organizations and Department of a hunting control of Primorsky Krai will be continued.

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