The resident of Rakitnoye village in Primorsky Krai is condemned for illegal hunting

  • 29.06.2016
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The resident of Rakitnoye village in Primorsky Krai is condemned for illegal hunting

The magistrate's court of judicial site No. 70 of the Dalnerechensk district has pronounced a conviction to the resident of Rakitnoye village who is found guilty of commission of crime, the provided item p.1 by Art. 258 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (implementation of illegal hunting with use of the mechanical vehicle).

During court session it has been established that the man has committed a crime in March, 2016. The defendant moved on the wood in the neighborhood of the village of Rakitnoye on a snowmobile in search of production. The roe whom the man has killed by means of the IZh-58 fowling piece of the 16th caliber has fallen a victim of the poacher. After murder the poacher has cut hulk in the wood and has taken away meat home.

"Though it is impossible to call him the thorough poacher as according to my information, he has followed a criminal way relatively recently, the damage to the nature from his activity was considerable, - the senior inspector of task anti-illegal force of KGBU "Directorate on Protection of Objects of Fauna and OOPT" Alexander Samoylenko comments. – He has killed a roe for sale. After hunting I went on the village and I offered all meat. Here locals have also declared it in police. He was right there caught red-handed. And the snowmobile has bought, most likely, on the money gained from sale of pine nuts. Now he should leave this vehicle".

As a result of illegal hunting the damage of 60 thousand rubles without inflation coefficient is caused to the environment and hunting resources. The court has imposed to the citizen sentence in the form of 180 hours of obligatory works, and has obliged to indemnify damage caused to the nature. Besides, the snowmobile by means of which illegal hunting was made has been confiscated.

"The category of poachers who kill not for the sake of meat and for the sake of his resale, most, in my opinion, dangerous as it is possible to gorge on meat, and here money is impossible. This time the court not only has taken out punishment as it seems to me fair, but also has deprived of the poacher of the main tool of his criminal business – weapon and a snowmobile. By the way existence of such means says movement, that the person "didn't die from hunger". Similar sentences have to become caution by all the rest. Separate thanks to police officers competently investigating case and established all circumstances of the event", - the director of the Far East Amur Tiger Center Department Sergey Aramilev comments.

We will remind that article 258 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation provides responsibility:

1. Illegal hunting if this act is made:

a) with causing large damage;

b) with use of the mechanical vehicle or aircraft, explosives, gases or different ways of mass extermination of birds and animals;

c) concerning birds and animals, hunting for whom is completely forbidden;

d) in especially protected natural territory or in a zone of ecological catastrophe or in a zone of an emergency ecological situation, -

it is punished by a penalty at the rate to two hundred thousand rubles or at a rate of the salary or other income condemned for the period up to eighteen months or obligatory works for a period of up to four hundred eighty hours, or corrective works for a period of up to two years, or arrest for a period of up to six months.

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