Amur tiger population monitoring starts in Primorye

  • 09.12.2013
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Amur tiger population monitoring starts in Primorye

The Wildlife and Hunting Department of Primorsky Krai supported by the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "Center for Preservation and researching the Amur tiger population" (the «Amur Tiger Centre») starts the Amur tiger monitoring on eight monitoring plots.

The monitoring will be performed by the staff of the Department and specially educated outside experts and hunters. It will be held in two stages. The main objective of the monitoring is to determine the size and other aspects of the Amur tiger population on the plots and food sources changes (the number of hoofed animals). The monitoring is a continuation of the annual work initiated by public environmental and scientific organizations in 1997 to monitor changes of the Amur tiger population on the 16 monitoring plots which cover about 15-18% of the natural habitat.

«This winter we have the last chance to make up our minds regarding the performers and to perfect the interdepartmental cooperation in order to analyze the whole range of population next winter, - said Vladimir Vasilyev, Director of the Wildlife and Hunting Department of Primorsky Krai. - Our task is to carry out a high-quality work and determine changes of the population. The analysis of recent years show that the population of the Amur tiger has remained stable».

Pozharsky, Dalnerechensky, Chuguyivsky, Olginskiy, Terneisky, Ussuri and Lazovsky regions of Primorsky Krai are part of the area supervised by the Wildlife and Hunting Department. One of the plots covers the territory of “Land of the Leopard” National Park and Hunting preservation. The monitoring will also be carried out in the Sikhote-Alin, Lazovsky and Ussuri reserves and on four plots in Khabarovsk Krai. Next winter the plots will be examined twice - in December-January and in February.

«It’s been a long time since 1997, since the start of the annual monitoring of the tiger. Unfortunately, many experts who have founded this project are gone. There are new more efficient methods of registration, the role of the state in such projects has changed, - said Director of the Primorsky branch of ANO the «Amur Tiger Centre» Sergei Aramilev. - However the registration of the tracks in the snow is the easiest, cheapest and fastest method of gaining information about the Amur tiger population, which is essential for decision-making for its preservation. The main objective of this year is to sum up the results of the last years’ monitoring, and together with the scientific and environmental community propose ways of the Amur tiger monitoring to decrease the costs and increase the efficiency. "

The monitoring will be financed by the Administration of Primorsky Krai and the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Amur Tiger Centre».

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