Suspect in injuring an amur tigress appears

  • 21.08.2015
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Suspect in injuring an amur tigress appears

Law enforcement agencies of Primorsky Krai established a suspect in the case of wounding a young tigress. The police seized the alleged crime of crime and opened a criminal case on the fact of illegal hunting. An investigation is underway.

Recall the wounded tiger was discovered on August 18 near the village of Chisinau, Lazovsky district.  A local resident informed the service of hunting supervision of Primorsky Krai.  The veterinarians who arrived at the scene and a specialist from the Amur Tiger Center stated: the animal received gunshot wounds to its hind legs, is unable to move and is in critical condition.  Urgent surgical intervention was required.  The tigress was immobilized and taken to a veterinary clinic in Vladivostok, where he underwent the most complicated five-hour operation.  The Amur Tiger Center assisted in transporting the animal and provided the necessary materials for the operation.

“The law enforcement agencies worked very promptly and at the moment the investigation has a large amount of evidence. This was facilitated by the timely transfer of information to the local tigress who discovered the tigress, as well as coordinated actions of specialists at the scene.  So far, it’s premature to draw conclusions and we have to wait for the official results of the investigation, but everything indicates that the shot was not made by chance.” – Sergey Aramilev, Director of the Primorsky Branch of the Amur Tiger Center.

At present, the state of the Amur tigress has stabilized, but remains heavy. She is in Ussuriysk under the constant supervision of experienced veterinarians who continue to do everything possible to save her.  The Amur Tiger Center assumed all costs associated with the rehabilitation of the animal.

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