Training film was released on the eve of the amur tiger census

  • 16.01.2015
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Training film was released on the eve of the amur tiger census

On the eve of accounting for the Amur tiger, the Amur Tiger Center  produced an educational film "Pathfinder's A-B-C book".

Preparation for the launch in the Far East of a one-time accounting of the Amur tiger is in full swing. At this stage, the coordinators are focused on refreshing the memory of tracker-accountants with the skills of uniform measurement of tiger tracks and the correctness of filling in the accounting diaries.

To help the training, the studio “The Call of the Taiga” commissioned by the Amur Tiger Center produced the educational film “Primer's Primer”.  As a result, the dry phrases of the Instructions for Conducting Continuous Accounting of the Amur Tiger in the Russian Federation, which is implemented by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation together with the Amur Tiger Center, have become a living and visual material.

“The most important thing in carrying out any work, especially scientific work, with the involvement of a large number of specialists is the observance of uniformity in the actions involved - comments Sergey Aramilev, director of the Primorsky Branch of the Amur Tiger Center. - The coordinators, of course, selected only those who have good traceability skills that they acquired through professional activity or hunting.  Taking into account the tiger in the whole area of ​​the event is rare, so all participants in the process need to be taught to uniformly measure the traces of the tiger and record the information in a special diary.  Only then will we get data that can be compared with each other.  The coordinator physically cannot remind every accountant every day so that he does not forget what information to enter in which field of the diary.  Therefore, this film is a good help for the accountant”.

The film focuses primarily on the participants account in the Amur and Jewish Autonomous regions, where, unlike in Primorsky and Khabarovsk Krai, the solid Amur tiger survey will be held for the first time. It is also planned to translate educational film in the Chinese language, to aid in field training of Chinese colleagues. However, despite the fact that the training product aimed at a small specialized audience, the film has aroused great interest among the General public.

“Of course, some of the subtleties of pathfinder's science were, as they say, behind the scenes, - says Pavel Fomenko.  - But still this film has become a major help in the work of coordinators.  Now there is no need for the mandatory organization of a field trip with the accountants in the cold, the briefing can be carried out in an equipped room, to enable people to make notes not on the knee”.

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