Amur Tiger Center celebrates its birthday

  • 29.07.2015
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Amur Tiger Center celebrates its birthday

The center was established within the framework of the implementation of the commitments taken by Russia at the first international summit on the issues of tiger conservation (tiger summit), held in 2010 in St. Petersburg on the initiative of the Russian Federation. Following the summit, the 13 countries of the natural habitat has set a goal for 12 years to double the number of tigers in the wild, and for this to resolve and prevent threats to the preservation and restoration of its population.

The main purpose of the Center is to study the Amur tiger, to preserve and restore its population.  The mission of the Center is to provide a sustainable future Amur tiger in Russia through leading scientific knowledge and large-scale environmental actions.

July 29 is also celebrated the International Tiger Day, the decision to celebrate which is recorded in the St. Petersburg Declaration, adopted at the end of the "Tiger Summit".  The main purpose of the holiday is to inform the public about the problem of the disappearance of tigers and how to protect them.

On the occasion of the holiday date, the Amur Tiger Center has prepared a program of activities to be held simultaneously at the Moscow Zoo and aboard the Striped Flight, a joint project of the Center and Transaero Airlines.

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