The Amur Tiger Center and All-russian children’s center "Ocean " have signed a cooperation agreement

  • 19.03.2014
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The Amur Tiger Center and All-russian children’s center "Ocean " have signed a cooperation agreement

Vladivostok held a working meeting of the Russian President's Assistant – the Head of the Presidential Control Directorate Konstantin Chuichenko and the Vladivostok Mayor Igor Pushkarev.

The Director of “Ocean” center Valery Marzoev demonstrated residential buildings, stylized as sea-going vessels, autotown, educational center, tennis courts, hockey box with artificial ice. He  spoke about the preparations for a long-term comprehensive development program of the Center and the results of work to date.

The meeting resulted in the agreement on cooperation signed by the Amur Tiger Center "and the All-Russian Children’s Center "Ocean". The goal of the agreement is to ensure the implementation of projects aimed at the study and preservation of the Amur tiger.

Organizations have begun productive collaboration back in 2013. In the near future the program of cooperation between two centers will be worked out. First of all there will be determined joint projects aimed at the advancement of environmental awareness among young people and carrying out of educational and outreach programs for pupils and students.

Konstantin Chuichenko thanked the children’s center staff for their support and participation in the conservation of the Amur tiger. The center general manager Valery Marzoev, the head of the educational complex Eteri Marzoeva and staff who had worked on social animated film "We and the Amur tigers" were awarded with diplomas.

Russian Children's Center "Ocean" located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean is one of the largest children camps in Russia, which annually receives about 20 thousand children between the ages of 12 to 18 years.

A social cartoon has been created In the animation studio of the Center it is the result of work of ten children and four adults. 541 picture was created for thirty scenes, the shooting took 56 sessions, and the montage of the footage took 40 hours.

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