Cartoon dedicated to problems of Amur tiger preservation

  • 05.12.2013
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Cartoon dedicated to problems of Amur tiger preservation

Children of the All-Russian Children's Center "Ocean" with the support of the Amur Tiger Center have created a cartoon called "Let's Save the Amur Tiger Together!", which will encourage adults to care about preserving such a rare and beautiful beast.

During the "Science. Equipment. Progress" session in the Ocean Center animation studio "Button" young animators with the assistance of the Amur Tiger Center were creating a socially orientated animated film. The shooting took 56 lessons, and the editing of the footage took 40 hours. 541 images were created and 38 sound and noise tracks were used for thirty scenes.

In total 10 children were involved in the shootings: Anastasia Yushina (Khabarovsk Krai); Alexander Shcherbak (Primorsky Krai); Lhama-Tsyren Bazarova, Nadezhda Maksimenko, Slavyan Mironchak (Magadan Region); Victoria Gorbachochok (Amur Region); Maria Aksyonik (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)); Ekaterina Serykh (Jewish Autonomous Region); Sophia Pulga, Okumi Pak (Sakhalin region). The project was supervised by Mikhail Romanov, Head of the animation studio, with the assistance of the Ocean Center employees: Darya Kapitonova, Natalia Romanova and Daria Dobrenko.

The film was presented at the award ceremony. It was welcomed by a standing ovation. All participants of the project received gratitudes from the Ocean Center and valuable prizes from the Amur Tiger Center.

"Of course, the children are non-professional multipliers, but unlike most adults, they have sincerity of feeling and the ability to empathize with nature," said Yury Danilov, Director General of the Amur Tiger Center”. – “I hope that the cartoon will not leave anyone indifferent and will draw additional attention to the problem of rare species preservation and help to protect them from extinction. And we, in turn, will think how to carry out such projects regularly. "

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