Governor of Primorye checked the work of the Student Team Tiger

  • 03.08.2014
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Governor of Primorye checked the work of the Student Team Tiger

The fifth week of the reserve mission of the student team "Tiger", organized by the Amur Tiger Center ended with the visit of honored guests. Acting Governor of the Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky during his working trip to Terneisky rayon tested the Mys Severny eco-trail in the Sikhote-Alin Reserve, that the students had been upgrading.  

"You are the future, you will live in Primorye, take management positions. And a lot will depend on your knowledge about environment and the way you will acquire it", - said Vladimir Miklushevsky at his meeting with students.

The head of the region was taken for a wall along the eco-trail, which will be visited by tourists from around the world. Dmitry Gorshkov, Director of the Sikhote-Alin Reserve, has shown the Governor the work of the student team Tiger, told him about the technologies used and the importance of the eco-trail for wildlife preservation.

The Governor talked to the students, answered their questions, asked about their life, told about the regional program of support for young families. The guys boasted how they had chosen the name for the tigress: they called her Anna Savelevna in honor of the first woman of the Soviet Union who received the Order Mother Heroine. In turn, Vladimir Vladimirovich told students that he also had a leopard under his patronage, named Dersu. The Governor called a contest to choose names for the wild cat a tradition that would help attract attention to environmental issues.

In five weeks the construction of the Mys Severny eco-trail in the Sikhote-Alin Reserve has significantly advanced: the students completed both stairs to the sea, the bridge over the Sukhoy stream. Now, all the work will be focused on the improvement of the trail that passes through the forest from the bridge to the stairs to the Cape Severny.

According to Dmitry Gorshkov, director of the reserve, the amount of work appeared larger than expected. In general, students had to move about 80 tons of sawn timber and logs to a considerable distance, not to "hurt" the reserve with using heavy machinery.

Nevertheless, the work is ahead of schedule. For example, the construction of stairs with 60 steps to the bay from the cape guys should have taken at least two months, but the students coped with the task in one month.

Recall that the basic functions of the eco-trail under construction is environmental and educational. The student team Tiger, organized by the Amur tiger Center, contributes to the preservation of the unique nature of the Sikhote-Alin Reserve, including the Amur tiger. The students will fulfill the mission by the end of August.

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