Despite all the measures they couldn’t save the tiger cub in Primorye

  • 06.01.2016
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Despite all the measures they couldn’t save the tiger cub in Primorye

The second tiger cub, found on Monday in the Khasansky district of the Primorsky Krai, died on Wednesday night of irreversible effects in the body. As reported in the Land of the Leopard National Park, in which a tiger cub was discovered, experts did everything they could.

On January 4, a resident of the village of Filippovka, Khasansky District, discovered an emaciated tiger cub in her plot. According to the woman, the animal lay with little or no movement, and the domestic animals did not react to it. She immediately reported the incident to employees of the Land of the Leopard National Park. Experts arrived at the scene.  They found that the cub is about 4 months old. His condition at that time was estimated as heavy: the weight was only 15 kilograms (despite the fact that a healthy tiger cub at this age should weigh twice as much), and the body temperature was low.

For two days, the staff of the Rehabilitation Center fought for the life of a tiger cub: they carried out supportive therapy, warmed the calves with hot water bottles, tried to feed them, consulted with Russian specialists. According to veterinarians, an animal’s blood tests showed that irreversible effects were triggered in his body.

About 1.00 on Tuesday night, experts noted the death of a tiger cub. The cause of death was the consequences caused by prolonged hypothermia and exhaustion. When entering the tiger cub almost did not respond to people.

“Unfortunately, despite all the measures taken, the tiger cub died.  Often, not everyone can be saved, as hunger and cold are very strong enemies for a young organism.  And outwardly, everything may look good, but the main systems of the body have already stopped their work, and what measures you don’t accept - the beast is already doomed,” commented the director of the Amur Tiger Primorsky branch Sergey Aramilev.

Recall that the deceased young female of the Amur tiger is the sister of the first found tiger cub - also females - in the Khasansky district, which the Amur Tiger Center provides assistance in overexposing. She is also located in the Center for the rehabilitation and reintroduction of rare and other animals in the village of Alekseyevka, and is recovering.

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