Primorye residents received compensation for damage caused by a tiger

  • 23.01.2023
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Primorye residents received compensation for damage caused by a tiger

Four residents of Primorsky Krai were compensated for the damage caused by the Amur tiger. Two citizens were given new horses in exchange for the lost animals, and two others were given mixed fodder for farm animals.

Case one. Two conflicts involving a large predator occurred in the Ussuriisk municipal district in May 2022, as a result of which a local resident lost a one-year old horse and a two-month old foal. 

An investigation conducted by employees of the Primorsky Krai Department for Wildlife and Protected Areas together with inspectors from Primorsky Hunting Supervision confirmed that the animals were killed by the tiger's paws. Documents for compensation were sent to the Amur Tiger Center , which had purchased two 1.5 year old mares for the resident of Primorsky Krai.

Case two. An 8-year old stallion was run over by a Siberian tiger in the Terneiskii district in October 2022. A suitable animal - a stallion with similar characteristics to the lost one - was purchased in the Kavalerovsky district and handed over to a citizen.

The third case. In February 2022 a Amur tiger ran over a cat sheep in Partizansky urban district. By agreement with the injured party the damage was compensated with fodder for farm animals: 720 kg of oats, 80 kg of corn and 40 kg of wheat.

The fourth case. In April 2022 a resident of Pozharsky district lost his horse that was killed by tiger's fangs. A form of compensation was agreed upon with the injured party and was carried out with mixed fodder in the amount of 1925 kg.

Collaboration with inhabitants of the Amur tiger habitat and minimization of conflicts between them and the rare predator is one of the key tasks of environmental services and organizations of the South of the Far East. A program for compensating the damage caused by the Amur tiger to local farm animals and domestic animals is an important part of this work. 

The initiative was launched by the Amur Tiger Center  in 2015 to reduce tension between the population and the tiger by minimizing the desire of citizens to take revenge on the predator for the loss of animals.

Thanks to the support of sponsoring organizations, the Amur Tiger Center compensates owners for losses regardless of who was responsible for the attack: the tiger or the animal that was its prey. However, the losses are not compensated with money; they are compensated only with food or animals in the amount commensurate with the losses incurred.

In Primorsky Krai, the program is implemented jointly with the Department of Wildlife and Protected Areas of Primorsky Krai and its subordinate state agency, the Directorate for Wildlife and Protected Areas.

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