Opening of "Nature and animals of Russia" exhibition

  • 16.12.2014
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Opening of "Nature and animals of Russia" exhibition

On December 16 a photo exhibition called "Nature and Animals of Russia" started at the State Darwin Museum. It presents the works of the winners, prize winners of nominations, as well as pictures specially marked by the jury of the same contest.

The All-Russian Photo Contest "Nature and Animals of Russia", organized by the Amur Tiger Center with the support of the Russian Geographical Society, was held this year for the first time. In two months the organizers received more than 2,500 unusual photographs. This photo contest is designed to popularize the careful treatment of nature and conservation of rare species of animals, including the Amur tiger listed in the Red Book.

The photo exhibition was opened by Deputy Director General of the Amur Tiger Center Alexandra Vishnevskaya. She presented the participants of the event and told the visitors about the photo contest held this summer.

"First of all, I would like to thank all the participants who submitted their works to the contest. We did not expect that the event would receive such a public resonance. I'd like to note the high level of the works presented, the professional jury had to do a really tremendous job to select the best pictures, "- said Alexandra Vishnevskaya.

Guests of the exhibition were greeted by famous Russian blogger and traveler, Chairman of the jury of the photo contest Sergei Dolya: 

"Such exhibitions are very important, because they show the beauty of nature as photographers see it, and which we often do not notice. When people come here they start to think about how fragile is everything that surrounds us, and realize that nature and rare species of animals need our protection. I invite everyone to the exhibition and enjoy it. "

Member of the jury, photographer of the Russian Geographical Society Ilya Melnikov gave a special prize to Irina Irina Voronkova's photo "On the Teletskoye Lake". As a prize, the participant of the competition will receive an album-guide on the best natural attractions of Russia "The Most Beautiful Country".

"The Russian Geographical Society is trying to support such projects, as they are called not only to promote respect for nature, but also to make our country a popular tourist destination. These masterpieces of photography allow us to penetrate the beauty of the unique nature of our country and spend our next vacation say, not in Turkey or Egypt, but to pack a backpack and go on a trip to Altai, " said Ilya Melnikov.

The visitors of the exhibition, which is taking place at the Darwin Museum until January 18, will be able to travel through the unknown corners of our country and become witnesses of bright moments of rare species of animals’ life, for example, the Amur tiger. This will expand the outlook, create dreams of new travels and understand how diverse is our country. And that each of us is able to make a contribution to the preservation of its unique nature.

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