Winners of the contest "Camera trap-2015"

  • 29.12.2015
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Winners of the contest "Camera trap-2015"

The winner of the main prize in the competition, organized on the eve of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the system of specially protected natural territories in Russia, was the Tigireksky State Nature Reserve. In the category "Cat", a partner of which is the Amur Tiger Center, won the national park "Land of the Leopard" and the reserve "Bastak".

The first national competition "Camera Trap 2015" is the first competition in the world to which only images and videos taken using photo traps in the wild were accepted. The purpose of the competition is to show the capabilities of modern technologies and encourage their use in the field of observation, study and environmental protection.

 Not only photos and videos taken in specially protected natural territories could take part in the creative competition.  Of the 18 nominations declared, 8 were open to ordinary users of camera traps.

 Acceptance of works for the competition was opened in May 2015.  In total, 146 participants submitted photos and video footage, of which 49 were reserves and national parks. The total number of works submitted to the competition was 1041 photos and 405 videos.

According to the voting results, the Tigirek Reserve (Altai Krai) became the winner of the First National Contest "Camera Trap 2015". That he will get the main prize - Anti-Vlaverier satellite system of instant notification "Altai".

The Amur Tiger Center, which is the official partner of the "Camera Trap 2015" contest, will award prizes to the winners in the "Cat" category. In this category, the Land of the Leopard National Park and Bastak Nature Reserve won in specially protected natural areas.

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