Winners of new children's book award

  • 04.09.2014
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Winners of new children's book award

The award ceremony of the Vth annual contest New Children's Book was held at the Russian State Children's Library. The winners in the new nomination created with the support of the Amur Tiger Center were announced.

The "New Children's Book" award of ROSMEN Publishing House is one of the largest Russian competitions in the field of children's and youth literature. The contest has been held since 2009 with the aim of attracting readers' attention to modern Russian children's literature, introducing new talented children's authors to the public and giving them the opportunity to publish their works.

The application period of the V th annual contest "New Children's Book" lasted from November 27 to March 31, 2014. During this time, about 4 056 works were submitted to the contest, 48 works were included in the shortlist. Over 12 000 votes were given for the best works in the open reader's voting. The contest accepted previously unpublished works written in Russian.

The extremely intense contest year came is coming to an end. At the ceremony at the Russian State Children's Library, winners of the three main categories were announced: "Children's Tales and Stories", "Upbringing of the Senses", "Non-Fiction". And also the winners in two special nominations were named: "Stories and tales about animals and nature" and "Magic Lantern".

A special nomination "Stories and tales about animals and nature" was introduced for the first time this year, with the support of the Amur Tiger Center. In this nomination the jury has chosen three winners:

1st place - Anatoly Orlov (pseudonym - Forester) "Kabarjonok Pim"

2nd place - Oleg Bundur "Visiting a Polar Bear"

3rd place - Sofya Yakovleva "Big Big Lake and Us"

The main goal of this nomination is to teach children how to treat nature and rare and endangered species of animals.

The Amur Tiger Center pays special attention to popularizing the image of the Amur tiger and developing a careful attitude not only to this rare species, but also to the whole nature of Russia. One of our target audiences is the younger generation of Russians, people who will continue preserving the most valuable thing that our huge country has. That is why, the participation in the annual contest "New Children's Book" and the new nomination was a very important step for us," says Alexandra Vishnevskaya, Deputy General Manager of the Amur Tiger Center.

The winners were awarded special prizes. The main prize of the Contest was a contract with ROSMEN. Regardless of the jury's opinion, ROSMEN also considers other manuscripts submitted for the contest for possible publication.

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