Start of the vote for the best pictures at the "Nature and animals of Russia" photo contest

  • 15.07.2014
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Start of the vote for the best pictures at the "Nature and animals of Russia" photo contest

On July 15 voting for the best works submitted to the photo contest organized by the Amur Tiger Center with the support of the Russian Geographical Society starts. Within a week everyone will be able to appreciate photos of wildlife and animals taken in Russia.

The application period of the "Nature and Animals of Russia" contest started on June 5. The organizers received about 2000 unusual photographs of flora and fauna in one month. The contest participants managed to capture the exciting moments of the life of wild animals: an Amur tiger, tracking the red deer in the Sikhote-Alin reserve of Primorsky Krai, killer whales and a humpback whale, patrolling the waters near the Commander Islands, brown bears waiting for salmon shoals on the shores of Sakhalin Island, a female reindeer, nursing her cub in the tundra of Murmansk Oblast, and many others.

According to the organizing committee and the jury of the contest, the main objective of this creative competition is to promote respect for nature and preservation of rare species of animals.

"Despite the fact that the contest is being held for the first time, it is encouraging to note the considerable public interest. Works have been sent from all over Russia: starting from the east - Kamchatka and the Primorsky Territory - and ending with Franz Josef Land, the Caucasus and the westernmost point of our country. The main goal of the photo contest is to show the great diversity and beauty of Russian nature and remind people that this unique nature needs careful treatment. It will be difficult to choose the best works, but I am sure that the jury, among which there are professional photographers and bloggers, will cope with this difficult task ", says Sergei Lobashkov, Director General of the Amur Tiger Center.

Recall that the winners will be selected in two stages: first works will be judged by the visitors of the site, and then the authoritative jury will select the best photos. A well-known Russian blogger and traveler Sergei Dolya is among the members of the jury. The winners of the contest will be announced on July 29 on the International Tiger Day.

The authors of the best works in both categories will receive prizes of 40 thousand rubles. Photographers who will take the 2nd and 3rd places - 20 and 5 thousand rubles respectively. The maximum reward - 70 thousand rubles – will go to the author of the most interesting picture of the Amur tiger.

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