Leaders of the Primorsky Krai’s Hunting Control Service were defined following the results of a year

  • 02.02.2016
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Leaders of the Primorsky Krai’s Hunting Control Service were defined following the results of a year

The final results of work of task forces of KGBU "Directorate on Protection of Objects of Fauna and OOPT" in Primorsky Krai for 2015 are summed up. The main objective of inspectors – to provide an order in hunting grounds, and these are 80% of an area of the Amur tiger. For this reason their activity actively supports the Amur Tiger Center, including by means of awarding.

The choice of the best task forces of the establishment subordinated to Department of a hunting control of Primorsky Krai happens by careful data processing: the number of the made protocols, the withdrawn illegal weapon and illegally got hoofed animals; also the mass of additional indicators is considered: quality and number of raids, holding preventive anti-illegal actions.

After mathematical calculations the received results define the winners and prize-winners in various nominations: "Leader" (the general assessment of activity of task force is defined), "Hoofed animals" (the best task forces are determined by the number of the made protocols on administrative offense and also collected materials for initiation of legal proceedings for illegal production of hoofed animals), "Weapon" (the best task forces are determined by amount of the materials made by them for withdrawal of weapon at poachers).

By results for 2015 in the Leader nomination task forces of A.B. Samoylenko – 1 place, A.A. Korneev – the 2nd place and S.A. Vobly – the 3rd place became winners. In the Hoofed animals nomination 1 place was taken by A.B. Samoylenko's group, the 2nd place - A.A. Korneeva, the 3rd place – V.V. Djyachkovsky. In the Weapon nomination prizes were taken by A.B. Samoylenko, A.A. Korneev, N.A. Elistratov's task forces.

"Pleases that inspectors work for conscience. The deep analysis of their activity and data from means of objective control - video recorders and GPS of "trackers" from official cars - confirm that their work is conducted not for the sake of indicators, and is really directed to suppression of offenses and leads to establishment of an order in the wood in the field of hunting. In three years of work of our system of awarding in activity of inspectors it was succeeded to reach growth not only direct indicators, but to provide increase in prevention of similar offenses, - the director of Primorsky Amur Tiger Center Department Sergey Aramilev comments. - It is possible to argue long that is an indicator of work of a hunting control, but the fact that only withdrawal from a turn of nearly 200 units of hunting weapon which could become at any time a cause of death not only hoofed animals, but also in some cases a tiger - costs much".

According to the provision on encouragement of the state inspectors exercising control of hunting grounds and OOPT of regional value in an area of the Amur tiger, the total amount of monetary encouragement in three nominations was 610 500 rub. Encouragement is distributed between inspectors of the won groups. We will remind that the Amur Tiger Center also quarterly carries out awarding of inspectors of service of a hunting control.

In total in KGBU "Directorate on Protection of Objects of Fauna" 9 task forces work. In everyone - on two-three inspectors who are assigned to certain areas of Primorsky Krai.

And what results of 2015? For last year task forces and state inspectors of regional wildlife areas have made 1401 protocols on offenses in the field of hunting. 194 units, from them 38 with a rifle barrel, 114 various individuals of the wild animals got in the illegal way are withdrawn illegal weapon. 6 people are deprived of the right of hunting for a period of 1 year by a court decision.

That key indicators of work of employees of KGBU it is better than 2014, it has been stated also during the recent meeting under the leadership of the vice governor of Primorsky Krai Sergey Sidorenko. But, as some attendees have noted, to service is what to work on. For example, to increase effectiveness on materials of illegal affairs, to reduce number of those protocols which aren't considered in a type of a lack of collected primary materials on hunting violations of the rules.

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