X Congress of society of studying of mammals took place in Moscow

  • 10.02.2016
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X Congress of society of studying of mammals took place in Moscow

The "Teriofauna of Russia and Adjacent Territories" conference has taken place from February 1 to February 5, 2016 at Biological faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University. The reports were submitted by the leading Russian scientists and experts specializing in mammals, including the Amur tiger.

By one of the main areas of work of a conference it has been devoted to communication of mammals. In this section scientists have submitted several reports considering features of behavior and interaction of the Amur tiger with representatives of the subspecies and also other animals at once.

The works on this subject were presented by the following scientists:

- Voshchanova I. P. Stability of stereotypic behavior of the predatory mammals who are contained in bondage.

- Dovgal S.V., Yachmennikova A.A., Antonevich A.L., Ivanov E.A., Korenkova A.A., Shteyman, A.A., Rozhnov of V.V. Dinamik of interactions of tiger cubs (Panthera tigris altaica) with mother and also some types of activity aged from 5 up to 45 weeks.

- Korenkova A.A., Yachmennikova A.A., Rozhnov V.V., Antonevich A.L., Ivanov E.A., Dovgal S.V., Shteyman A.A., Pashkovskaya T.A. Development of social game behavior of tiger cubs (Panthera tigris altaica) in bondage.

- Korenkova A.A., Yachmennikova A.A., Rozhnov V.V., Antonevich A.L., Ivanov E.A., Dovgal S.V., Shteyman A.A. Intensivnost of social interactions in a brood of tiger cubs (Panthera tigris altaica) in bondage.

- Shteyman A.A., Yachmennikova A.A. Social behavior of individuals of the Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) at association in group of adult males and females with a brood in bondage.

"Bears in tiger food" have presented the report to the sections "Ecology of Mammals" Chistopolova M.D., Naydenko S.V., Hernandez-Blanco J.A., Sorokin P.A., Salmanova E.I., Matiukhina D.S., Rozhnov V.V.

Director of Primorsky Amur Tiger Center Department Sergey Aramilev delivered the report "Methods of Creation of Effective System of Protection of Large Mammals of the South of the Far East of Russia". We publish theses of his report.

In the south of the Far East of Russia since the beginning of the 90th years of the XX century the concept of protection of large mammals in a varying degree repeating approach to use and protection of objects of fauna of Soviet period was created. This approach is characterized by joint efforts of the state and public nature protection organizations.

The main efforts of this concept are directed to protection of one animal – the Amur tiger, however, the actions taken within her affect also a food supply of a predator – mainly hoofed animals, and his habitat. Similar approach allows to create the complex system of protection of the unique nature of the South of the Far East, the indicator a condition of which is the condition of population of the Amur tiger. 

The concept about which we speak is based on three foundations. The first is a creation of system of the especially protected natural territories (EPNT) in a tiger area. It at the moment is already almost completely created and makes about 20% of all area of a tiger, at planned 30%.

The second is a formation of system of a responsible okhotpolzovaniye on the remained 70% of an area of a tiger. We mean the tolerant attitude towards the Amur tiger from okhotpolzovatel by a formation of high level the number of hoofed animals – a basis of coexistence of the person and a tiger – in the territory of hunting grounds.

In our opinion, this point is the most difficult in view of the fact that practically all okhotpolzovatel it is the non-state organizations and their activity can be built only thanks to the competent normative legal acts defining rules of the game and also effectively operating control and supervising public service. At the moment the state with assistance of the Amur Tiger Center is a stage of active creation of such service.

The service of hunting supervision (Hunting control) includes two main points:

1) The inspectors working directly with okhotpolzovatel, that is bearing okhotovedchesky functions. In their zone of responsibility control of accounting of animals, actions for increase in their number, increase in level of consciousness of hunters.

2) The inspectors who are carrying out protection and working directly with hunters and poachers. These are so-called mobile task forces.

Increase in level of hardware of the Hunting control and positioning of this service as one of law enforcement agencies of the state, on an equal basis with police and army, has to promote creation of effective system of use and protection of resources.

The third component of effective system of protection of large mammals is an accurately working mechanism of permission of conflict situations between large predators and the person. This mechanism is based on work of the specialized task forces having all necessary equipment and equipment for effective work at the order up to withdrawal of a predator from the nature and his room in rehabilitation conditions. We consider that only expeditious conflict prevention and compensation of damage caused by a predator will allow to create favorable conditions for formation of the tolerant attitude towards the Amur tiger.

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