"The Amur Tiger Center» founded at the Initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin

  • 29.07.2013
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"The Amur Tiger Center» founded at the Initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin

A special fund for the Amur tiger conservation was founded at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Assistant to the President - Head of the Presidential Control Konstantin Chuichenko was appointed as Chairman of the Supervisory Council.

The main goals of the fund are preservation and study of the Amur tiger population. The legal status of the Fund is an Autonomous Non-commercial Organization "The Amur Tiger Centre ". The Russian Geographical Society which traditionally takes an active part in many projects for the conservation of rare animals is the only founder of the ANO. The organization will be financed at the expense of extrabudgetary funds, including the grants of the Society.

The Amur Tiger Centre was created within the framework of the commitments taken by Russia at the first International Tiger Conservation Forum, held in 2010 in St. Petersburg at the initiative of the Russian Federation. As a result 13 countries through which the natural habitat of the rare predator extends have set a goal to double the number of tigers in the wild in twelve years. And to do so they will resolve and prevent threats to the conservation and restoration of its population.

"We have set a challenge to consolidate the efforts of governmental and non-governmental organizations to save the Amur tiger population. A a result the obligations taken by our country, including international ones to preserve this rare animal must be fulfilled, - says Director General of the ANO The Amur Tiger Centre Yuri Danilov. - It is impossible to save the Amur tiger without saving its feeding grounds and habitats. We will strive to achieve a harmonious coexistence between the man and the tiger"

It is symbolic that the International Day of the Tiger is celebrated around the world on Jul 29th. This resolution is fixed in the St. Petersburg Declaration, adopted at the Tiger Conservation Forum.

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