Dialogue about hunting

  • 12.02.2014
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Dialogue about hunting

The Department of Hunting Control of Primorsky Krai has held a series of visiting meetings on carrying out survey and preservation of hunting resources. Almost all hunting grounds users and inspectors of the region participated in them. Particular attention was paid to the organization of cooperation with the Amur Tiger Center on the Amur tiger conservation.

The meetings were held in the Vilage of Lazo, the towns of Arsenyev and Ussuriysk. Department representatives provided the information about the requirements for a winter route survey in the territory of the hunting farms, the change in the law, and about the planned changes in the hunting supervision service for hunting users.

"The survey of hunting resources is an important task. The results let us determine the limits and quotas for the coming 2015-2016 season", - said deputy director of the Department Alexei Surovy.

Acoording to him, the adopted regulations on hunting control will allow the hunting grounds users to use their chasseur service more efficiently. In addition, now there are changes in the Administrative Code that govern the penalties for those who refuse to follow the orders of hunting inspectors.

Special attention was paid to the organization of a joint work with the Amur Tiger Center on the conservation of the Amur tiger, its food supply and the environment.

"There is no substitute for live communication, it is the only way to understand what hunting grounds users, hunters and inspectors are up to now. During all the meetings we had constructive and frank discussions on the Amur tiger conservation. Some people are scared of the neighborhood with this predator, some people are alarmed, and some people consider it an enemy of hunting facilities. Our task was to dispel such misconceptions. In summary, the program of our organization on achieving harmony between the hunter and the tiger, the key to which is the high number of hoofed animals, has been approved. It is encouraging that the majority of users of hunting grounds are as interested in the preservation of animals as the the Department of Hunting Control and are set to the mutual goal, "- says Director of the Primorsky branch of the Amur Tiger Center Sergei Aramilev.

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