Tiger Day 2015. Overall results. Part 2

  • 07.10.2015
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Tiger Day 2015. Overall results. Part 2

On the second day of the celebration of the Day of the Tiger in Vladivostok, a colorful costume procession took place, which gathered more than 8 thousand people. Adults and children in pre-made tiger costumes and make-up, with chants and chants and songs in support of the nature of the Far East, walked along Ocean Avenue to the central square of the city.

At the head of the many thousands column there was a specialized equipment that the Amur Tiger Center solemnly handed over to the hunting supervision services and the hunting farms of the Primorsky Krai.  In total, the new owners found 9 cars and 6 ATVs.  The images of the owner of the taiga - the Amur tiger, as well as the identification marks of the relevant services are marked on the cars.  The keys to the new technology on the main stage of the holiday were solemnly presented by Konstantin Chuichenko, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation - Head of the Control Department of the President of the Russian Federation, Head of the Supervisory Board of the Amur Tiger Center.

A total of 9 cars and 6 quad.

Immediately after the technique, representatives of the indigenous and minority peoples of the Far East moved in the column. More than 50 people from the villages of Krasny Yar and Luchegorsk traveled over 500 km to Vladivostok to take part in the celebration of Tiger Day.  Children and adults dressed in traditional costumes with national musical instruments set the rhythm and created a festive mood throughout the column.

Reaching the square, marchers joined the universal celebration.  In total, more than 15 thousand people visited this holiday.

Throughout the day, specialized platforms were working on the central square of the city, where all visitors of the festival could learn about the tiger's lifestyle, how to record tigers, programs and projects of environmental organizations to preserve them, as well as get acquainted with the life of the indigenous and minority peoples of the Far East,  living side by side with a tiger.  For the youngest guests, various contests and quests were prepared, in which anyone could take part and receive various prizes and souvenirs.

In parallel with the city holiday in the Fesco Hall was the First Russian tournament in sports ballroom dancing "Amur Tiger".  The tournament became a new element of the Tiger Day celebration program, but immediately attracted a lot of attention.  The competition was held throughout the day, 150 pairs of dancers from different parts of the country took part in it.  The event was attended by the President of the Union of Dance Sport of Russia  Valentin Yudashkin.  The event ended with a solemn awarding of the winners of the competition and a demonstration performance.

300 dancers from Primorsky and Khabarovsk Krai, as well as from St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod took part in the competition.  The judicial brigade also became representative - the dancing duets of 40 arbitrators from different parts of Russia were evaluated.

Let's return to the central square of Vladivostok.  At 7 pm local time, a gala concert began, which Oleg Akulich opened with his performance. After him, Alexander Buinov appeared on the stage, who in addition to the well-known hits presented a new song “The Truth of Tiger Hearts”

Headliners of the evening was the group Moral Code.  Despite the torrential rain that started and the lightning flashed over the city, the audience was in no hurry to part, and the band played the concert completely.

This year, Vladivostok congratulated on Tiger Day and Moscow. Especially for the holiday, the Russian Geographical Society, the Amur Tiger Center and the Amur Leopards autonomous non-profit organization, together with the Moscow Metro, launched a new named train the Striped Express.

All eight cars of the train are decorated on the inside with images of tigers and Amur leopards, as well as landscapes of the unique nature of the Far East.  During the day, the passengers on the Lublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line were entertained by the Amurchik tiger cub, and the Moscow Zoo volunteers helped him to tell the subway visitors about the new project, as well as the importance of protecting and taking care of nature and rare animal species.

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