Case of murder of a tiger cub in Khabarovsk Krai is brought to trial

  • 03.03.2016
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Case of murder of a tiger cub in Khabarovsk Krai is brought to trial

Investigation of criminal case upon murder of a tiger cub in Khabarovsk Krai is completed last summer. Thanks to the examinations including which are carried out by specialists of the Amur Tiger Center it has been established that the individual of the Amur tiger has died violent death.

The alleged malefactor has been during the investigation established. To him the measure of restraint - recognizance not to leave is chosen. He has regretted deeds and rendered assistance to the investigation.

Now criminal case according to p.1 Art. 258.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Illegal production of especially valuable wild animals belonging to the types included in the Red List Russian) is directed to court.

The maximum sanction under this article provides imprisonment for a period of up to three years, with a penalty to one million rubles.

It is necessary to pay tribute to police officers, initially it seemed that business is doomed to remain "dark". Judge for yourself: crime was rather tangled, so the corpse on the crime scene hasn't appeared because of disorder of citizens who have found a corpse, but haven't called the police or other specially authorized bodies on the crime scene. Besides, they have published rather detailed information which has helped the criminal to be aware about what is known of his offense, and has given him odds before law enforcement agencies. Despite it, I won't be afraid of this word, thanks to brilliant work of operatives of employees and investigators of Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Khabarovsk Krai the crime has been solved. It is possible to assume that the course of judicial examination will be difficult, nevertheless, we hope that collected proofs will help to establish the truth and if the citizen is a guilty person, then it has to incur lawful punishment. I will remind that in case of establishment in court of his fault, to him except the imposed criminal penalty, it is necessary and to pay the claim for damage to the nature which taking into account coefficient of inflation is for today more than 1 650 000 rubles - the director of Primorsy Amur Tiger Center Department Sergey Aramilev has commented.

We will remind that crime has happened on July 29, 2015 around a name of Lazo in Khabarovsk Krai. This day group of cycle tourists, moving on the forest road in eight kilometers from the settlement Solonetzic, I have found a corpse of a young individual of the Amur tiger on a roadside. According to the obtained information, on a body signs of wounds and blood were visible.

Tourists have recorded a corpse of a tiger cub on video and have continued the travel. Already following back the same road on August 1, they have paid attention that the body of an individual of the Amur tiger has disappeared. Having returned to Khabarovsk next day, tourists have reported about this fact in media and have posted video on the Internet. On August 3 information on crime has come to police.

At inspection of the territory on the place of murder of a tiger cub police officers have found traces from shots on a tree and also prints of paws of an adult Amur tigress. Experts have assumed that the tigress with a tiger cub at the age of 6-8 months or several tiger cubs followed on the forest road. At emergence of the car the tiger cub for some reason has tarried on the road therefore he has fallen a victim of poachers.

We will note that the Amur Tiger Center rendered assistance in search of the poachers who have killed a tiger cub. So, a reward in the sum of 150 000 rubles has been announced for reliable information which will help to identify the persons who have committed a crime. In the next days the Center has received a set of messages from all Russia, according to them other crimes and offenses concerning illicit trafficking in the Amur tiger have been revealed and prevented. On this case reliable information hasn't acted, it is possible because witnesses of this crime haven't appeared.

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