Second tiger cub comes to people in Primorsky krai

  • 04.01.2016
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Second tiger cub comes to people in Primorsky krai

On January 4, an emaciated tiger cub was discovered in Primorsky Krai. This is the second such case in the past week.

A tiger cub was discovered by a local resident of the village of Filipovka, Khasansky district, Primorsky Krai. The animal climbed onto the plot and hid between the fence and a sheet of slate leaning against it.  The owner of the site says that the animal was lying almost without movement, and the pets did not react to it.  She immediately reported the incident to employees of the Land of the Leopard National Park.

 This allowed us to react as quickly as possible.  Already after 10 minutes, specialists and employees of the national park arrived at the scene of the incident and examined the young predator. The tiger cub is about four months old. His condition is assessed as heavy: the weight of the animal is only 15 kilograms (the weight of a healthy four-month-old tiger cub is about 30 kilograms), the body temperature is low. Presumably, the found tiger cub is a sister of another specimen of the Amur tiger rescued a week ago.

Now the animal is in the center of rehabilitation and reintroduction of tigers PROO "Tiger Center". The baby cub was given the necessary injections, after which he even ate a little, which gave the specialists hope for her recovery.

 Recall, on December 29, on the outskirts of the same village, local residents found a four-month-old tigress that went out to people in search of food. After this incident, experts suggested that the young tigress was not the only one in the litter and for several days searched for traces of other tigers in need of medical care.

“The discovery of the second tiger cub of the same age and in the same place almost reliably confirms the hypothesis that it is the sister of a previously discovered tigress. Probably there were three kittens in the litter, but, unfortunately, the chance of finding the last one is getting smaller.  There is hope that the third tiger cub is a male, they are stronger and more enduring than females.  It is too early to give forecasts for the tiger cub discovered today, his condition is very grave, let's hope for the best.  Of course, the Amur Tiger Center will undertake to care for these tigers and will make every effort to restore them as soon as possible,” said Sergey Aramilev, director of the Amur Tiger Center Primorsky Krai.

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