The 'Wild Cats Parade' took place in Moscow

  • 20.07.2016
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The 'Wild Cats Parade' took place in Moscow

On the 20th of  July the Amur Tiger Center and the autonomous noncommercial organisation 'Far Eastern Leopards' revealed the outcome of their recent cooperation – ecological art festival the 'Wild Cats Parade'.

The exhibition presenting creative sculptures of the unique wild cats of Russia – amur tiger and far eastern leopard – settled in front of the State Department Store (GUM) facing the Red Square.

A wide range of professional artists, environmental activists and social advocates took part in the project designing a number of creative art objects. The State Department Store (GUM) saw ten sculptures – five leopards and five tigers – each decorated with a unique pattern. Each sculpture is decorated with unique ornament. Amur tigers are painted with ethnic ornaments: Gzhel, Gorodets and Mezen painting, traditional Udege painting as well as Japanese engraving. Paintings on the leopards are inspired by Russian avant-gardists: Kazimir Malevich, David Burlyuk, Vasili Kandinsky, Vladimir Tatlin, Mikhail Matyushin.

The event aims to raise awareness and generate attention to the urgent need to protect a unique nature of the Far East. The campaign is a part of the preparation for the Year of Ecology and Year of Protected Territories of Russia in 2017. 

GUM visitors not only had a chance to review the sculptures, but also took part in master classes and educational efforts devoted to the ecology and protection of extint species. After the GUM display the sculptures are relocated to the ‘Muzeon’ park, that will serve as a ground for the ecological festival dedicated to International Tiger Day on the 31st of July. Then tigers and leopards will start their journey to the Far East in order to decorate the ground for Eastern Economic Forum held in Vladivostok on the 2 – 3 September 2016.

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