In Moscow experts have discussed experience of investigation of crimes against the amur tiger

  • 19.02.2016
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In Moscow experts have discussed experience of investigation of crimes against the amur tiger

On February 16 in the hall of dissertation council of the Russian state social university (further – RGSU) the round table on the subject "Topical Issues of Investigation of Crimes on Illegal Production of the Amur Tiger (Art. 258.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)" has taken place. The action has taken place within collaboration of the Amur Tiger Center, RGSU and ANO Education and Consulting in legal protection of a rare predator.

Leading experts in area of the criminal and criminal procedure law and also other humanitarian and natural sciences have gathered in RGSU within work on the research project "Investigation of Criminal Cases under Articles 258 and 258.1 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for Employees of Investigating Authorities, Bodies of Prosecutor's Office and Bodies of Inquiry". The project purpose – creation of a practical grant for investigators and investigators of the Far East of Russia and also drawing attention of the academic community to the legal problems which are on a joint of the ecological, criminal and criminal procedure law.

Round table Yury Georgiyevich Dyomin, the doctor of jurisprudence, professor, in the past the chief military prosecutor of Russia became leading. Alexander Yuryevich Vinokurov, the doctor of jurisprudence, professor of department of criminalistics of the Military university of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation having behind shoulders long-term practice on investigation of criminal cases in the status of the investigator has acted as the main speaker. The complete list of participants is available according to the reference.

The grant "Investigation of criminal cases on articles 258 and 258.1 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for employees of investigating authorities, bodies of prosecutor's office and bodies of inquiry" intends for those who have a direct bearing on protection of the Amur tiger and others the rare and being under the threat of disappearance animals. The edition will be issued in the spring of 2016 and up to this point experts should hold one more working meeting, on the earth of a rare predator this time, and with participation of representatives of all bodies and organizations of the Seaside and Khabarovsk regions concerning investigation of criminal cases under article 258.1 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

"Tigers and Law project is implemented since 2014 and covers all legal activity of the Amur Tiger Center. It is the project, very important for us, which is aimed not only at the development of jurisprudence, but also at improvement of quality of practical legal work. We expect that it will allow us to increase the level of solvability of crimes in the field of illegal production of a tiger and other rare species. – Aleksandra Vishnevskaya, the First Deputy CEO of the Center has commented, - It would be desirable to thank especially the representatives of Academy of the Prosecutor General's Office who are present today with whom we to works from the start of the project and with whom we have organized an exit meeting in Vladivostok with involvement of all interested persons working "in fields". Also many thanks of RGSU and ANO Education and Consulting without which our meeting wouldn't take place today, and, of course, separate thanks to all audience today here to colleagues. We hope that together we will manage to improve a situation!".

Not only lawyers, but experts involved to participation in criminal trial as the experts take part in work on the project. So, the director of Primorsky Amur Tiger Center Department Sergey Aramilev, repeatedly took part in conducting examinations on the criminal cases concerning illegal production of a tiger.

"Opening of the fact of violation — has only a half put. It is much more important to provide inevitability of punishment and for this reason our general task – to achieve that everyone committed illegal acts I bore for this fair punishment. And whether the investigator and the investigator processing case will be able to collect enough proofs and to expose the criminal depends already on the level of their professionalism, – Sergey Aramilev comments. – Over the project a large number of the profile organizations and experts is involved, articles 258 and 258.1 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation mention not only the Amur tiger, but also including other Red Book animals. The extensive discussion of expert community in the matter will suit the final result which, we are sure, will meet our expectations".

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