Pugmarks of the amur tiger have been found during winter route accounts in the Komsomol reserve

  • 18.03.2016
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Pugmarks of the amur tiger have been found during winter route accounts in the Komsomol reserve

In the Komsomol reserve winter accounting of mammals has come to the end. They were carried out at the same time along four routes in the sum making more than 50 km. The registration group which has laid the fourth route from a cordon of "Bich-Houni" on the natural boundary Ulami has recorded on reserve border traces of the Amur tiger – a young male.

Moving on border of the reserve "Komsomol" to the venue of registration works, employees of the reserve have recorded traces of the Amur tiger who left from the territory of the reserve (Ulami's natural boundary) and has crossed a security zone, pursuing herd of boars.

In close proximity to a security zone of the reserve accountants have found a marker tree which was marked by a tiger. It means that a striped predator with a length of heel of 10,5 cm – the young male expanding the hunting grounds. Employees of the Komsomol reserve consider that a tiger whose traces they have met on accounts – the same that it was fixed by them in December of last year. It is also possible that prints of paws which met in 2014 belonged to it too. A research of traces on snow – not the most reliable way of accounting of tigers: because of friability of snow errors in measurements are possible. Now there are new methods of individual identification of traces, for example, use of phototraps when besides measurements of traces the animal is photographed, and on a skin can be determined by a pattern who it. The drawing on a skin of a tiger is unique as fingerprints at the person.

Besides traces of a striped predator, employees of the reserve fixed traces of a sable, a fox, hare, elk, boar. The most part of the Komsomol reserve is represented by the coniferous and broad-leaved and oak woods. Boars who, in turn, are a food supply of the Amur tiger eat acorns. Thus, the territory of the Komsomol reserve is suitable for dwelling and preservation of a striped predator.

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