Amur Tiger Center will continue to support the Hunting department of Primorsky Krai

  • 20.01.2016
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Amur Tiger Center will continue to support the Hunting department of Primorsky Krai

In Vladivostok, a bilateral meeting took place between the governor of the Primorsky Krai, Vladimir Miklushevsky, and the Director General of the Amur Tiger Center, Yury Biryukov. The parties discussed the prospects for cooperation in the current year.

The participants of the meeting, first of all, raised the issue of supporting the hunting supervision service of the Primorsky Krai by the Amur Tiger Center.  For the effective work of inspectors in the forest, anti-poaching, for 2014-2015, the organization transferred 5 cars, 9 ATVs and 9 snowmobiles to the hunting supervision service, additional equipment is purchased, a special uniform, awarding of inspectors is conducted. As stated during the meeting, this work will continue.  This year is scheduled to purchase new cars.

“We will all need already purchased and new cars for the operation of the hunting control service.  So that, at least, were no worse than that of poachers. Consider the option of buying a truck with the "kung" for the group to resolve conflicts with large predators.  We will continue to support the state inspectors in terms of equipment, equipment and bonuses,”said Yuri Biryukov, general director of the Amur Tiger Center.

On behalf of the governor, in connection with the increasing number of animal situations in the Primorsky Krai, a second task force is being created to resolve conflicts with large predators. The first such group has been working since the end of 2013. 

According to experts, the creation of a specialized group is an urgent need.  Unlike other subjects of Russia, the fauna of Primorye is represented by the richest species diversity of large predators.  An additional group of inspectors is created in order to quickly respond and travel to the scene with the participation of the Amur tiger, to professionally resolve the conflict situation, and in their free time each of them conducts anti-poaching activities.

“We will strengthen this work, we are now recruiting people in the second group, we have provided funds for wages in the budget,” the deputy head of the region Sergey Sidorenko said.

Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky stressed the significance of these events and noted that Primorye, in turn, is ready to continue to be involved in the work to popularize the conservation of Red Book animals. One of the directions of this work is the holding of the traditional festival the Tiger Day.

“This holiday has already managed to catch the fancy of Primorye.  Tiger is a symbol of Primorye.  If many regions come up with myths and legends to attract tourists, it is enough for us to know and love our nature.  The event is important not as a holiday, but as an educational project. Primorye of all ages participate in it: from small to large.  For our part, we are ready to offer a number of interesting ideas,” said Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky during the meeting.

Tiger Day is annually celebrated every last Sunday of September, since 2000. This year the “striped” festival will be held by the administration of Primorsky Krai and the city of Vladivostok, as well as by the Amur Tiger Center. 

Photo: Igor Novikov, Administration of Primorsky Krai

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