Rescued from a flooded zoo lion met a famous actress

  • 03.09.2015
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Rescued from a flooded zoo lion met a famous actress

The Amur Tiger Center has taken custody of the Gray Lion rescued from the flooded Ussuriysk Zoo. One of the first visitors to the Center for the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Amur Tigers, who provided home and care for an animal that had survived a flood, was Pamela Anderson, a famous American actress and animal protector.

Currently, the lion has been moved to the Center for the rehabilitation and reintroduction of Amur tigers and other rare animal species in the village of Alekseevka (Primorsky Krai). The Amur Tiger Center has committed itself to the maintenance, treatment and provision of animal feed.  Lion has yet to undergo a veterinary examination, but now we can say that he looks healthy and eats well.  Now Gray is in quarantine, after which he will be released into a spacious aviary.

One of the first rescued animals was Pamela Anderson, who arrived in Russia to participate in the Eastern Economic Forum. During her visit to the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Center, she familiarized herself with the activities of the Center, spoke with its staff and learned in detail about how the process of the return of the Amur tigers to the wild nature takes place.

The meeting with the actress was attended by Deputy Director General - Director of the Primorsky branch of the Amur Tiger Center Sergey Aramilev, who told the actress about the problems of preserving the Amur tigers and Amur leopards in Primorye, as well as about the fate of the animal rescued from the flooded zoo.

Recall, after typhoon “Goni”, which hit the Primorsky Krai, a part of Ussuriysk, including the territory of the private zoo “Green Island”, which was a lion, was under water.  On August 30, a dam broke, and the Razdolnaya River overflowed its banks.  As a result, the zoo was flooded to a depth of 1.5 meters, and the animals remained locked in their cages. Three days later, in a flooded cage, Lion Gray was evacuated by a Ministry of Emergency Situations helicopter and taken to the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Center.

“The Amur tiger is not only Russian, but also a global treasure, and the responsibility for its preservation lies also with civil society. Caring for rare species from famous personalities is the very factor that is able to attract the attention of a large number of people all over the world to this problem.  - commented the director of the Primorsky branch of the Amur Tiger Center Sergey Aramilev.  We are sure that only by joint efforts can we solve this problem.”

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