Hunting control service strengthens the protection of hunting grounds

  • 10.11.2015
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Hunting control service strengthens the protection of hunting grounds

The discovery of ungulate hunting was marked by a powerful anti-poaching raid, which was organized by the Administration of the Primorsky Krai and the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the support of the Amur Tiger Center.

In the south of the Far East, ungulates are not only the prey of hunters, but also the food base of the Amur tiger and the Amur leopard.  Therefore, special attention is paid to the protection of this resource in Primorye. From October 30 to November 4, during the opening of the hunting season for ungulates, which started on November 1 in most farms, a joint raid was held by the Department of Hunting Surveillance of the Primorsky Krai, KGBU "Directorate for the Protection of Wildlife Objects and Protected areas" and the Ministry of Internal Affairs  support of public environmental organizations - the Amur Tiger Center.

“Not only experienced hunters appear in the grounds, but also quite a few beginners, so it is important to set a general tone for the hunting season in the legal field, to show that there is power and it is watching. We sought this by combining the efforts of the regional administration and the special police forces.  We have been cooperating with the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Primorsky Krai for several years now, and a joint raid is not a one-time action, such work will be carried out regularly.  After all, order in hunting grounds is a pledge of preserving both biological resources and the safety of the hunters themselves,” says Vladimir Vasilyev, director of the Department of hunting supervision of the Primorsky Krai.

Five raid groups covered seven districts of Primorsky Krai.  The work was carried out day and night, when environmental violators not only remove their prey from the land, but also enter the field using motor transport and remote headlights, blinding helpless animals.  As a result, for 5 days, 26 cases of administrative offenses were initiated against physically persons.  Including there are claim materials for damages to the animal world.

“In many respects, the Primorye hunting service is the best in Russia, but it still has room to strive for, since our main task is to build one of the most effective systems of wildlife protection in the country.  We and our partners are committed to ensuring that the inspectors of hunting supervision are in no way inferior to poachers - neither in equipment nor in knowledge.  It is very important in the work of the inspector to educate the "correct" hunters, therefore, during the raid, the work was carried out not only for the sake of the protocol, but for the purpose of prevention.  Such raids should help understand negligent citizens that hunting supervision is a state power structure that protects nature, with all the ensuing consequences,” says Sergey Aramilev, director of the Primorsky branch of the Amur Tiger Center.

In the raid, as well as in the daily work of inspectors, the equipment was used, which not so long ago the center of Amur Tiger was transferred to the inspectors of the KGBU “Directorate for the Protection of Wildlife Objects and Protected areas”.  On Tiger's Day, new Nissan SUVs and quad bikes triumphantly swept along Vladivostok's Ocean Avenue, and are now winding kilometers along impassable parts of the taiga, helping inspectors to do their hard work.

“There are so-called “fat” protocols that each inspector seeks and which, by and large, “make the weather” - when a person is delayed with meat, with a weapon, or a person exposed by a certain power, but has lost conscience.  And it is important that there are such “fat” protocols in this raid.  I am glad that the joint work helped to bring several such citizens to clean water,” says Pavel Fomenko. - “The significant role in raid was played by the staff of UMVD.  At the same time, the efficiency of joint work increases significantly.”

Anti-poaching raids in the Primorsky Krai will be conducted regularly, so both the hunter and the poacher should be ready to check documents and inspections of vehicles, etc., and it is better, as experts say, not to violate the law on hunting.

The Amur Tiger Center congratulates the employees of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia on their professional holiday and wishes them success, including in the field of nature conservation.

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