Poachers kill helpless animals for profit

  • 25.03.2015
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Poachers kill helpless animals for profit

In the Anuchinsky district of Primorsky Krai, during a joint raid by the task force of the hunting, reinforced by the police, a passenger car was stopped, in the cabin of which 5 carcasses of roe deer were found.

On the night of March 7, 2015, in the hunting grounds during the planned environmental activities jointly carried out by inspectors of the Directorate for the Protection of Wildlife Objects and Protected Areas stopped the car. In his cabin there were two young men who were illegally transporting weapons, and five roe deer carcass.

“All parts of the body and even internal organs were packed in plastic bags, and fragments of an uncut skin were left on the limbs,”comments the senior state hunting inspector Alexander Korneev.“Partially abandoned skin is not negligence, they are doing it on purpose - in order to convince product buyers that this is really wild meat.”

In the course of the proceedings it became clear that the young people in the car are servicemen under the contract of one of the military units.  In this case, the tests showed that the driver of the car was intoxicated.  After the administrative protocols were drawn up, the illegally hunted hunting products were sent for examination to the Animal Disease Diagnostics Center at the Primorsky State Agricultural Academy. During the examination, it was determined that only one deer was harvested by firearms, the rest were brutally killed with hunting knives.

At the same time, experts note that at this time of year weather conditions make animals the most vulnerable. Due to heavy snowfall at the beginning of March 2015, part of the territory of the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Krai formed a high level of snow cover, the surface of which, under the influence of temperature drops, turned into a crust.  This seriously complicated the movement and harvesting of food for ungulates, which are the main food base of the Amur tiger.  Poachers use the helplessness of animals and brutally exterminate them - driving them on snowmobiles or on skis, or with the help of dogs, and then kill them using a knife or stick.

“Unfortunately, in early spring, the operational groups often encounter poachers in whom one can hardly guess the person’s features.  Now the harsh weather makes hoofed animals helpless, especially females, who are preparing to bring offspring, - says Sergey Aramilev, director of the Primorsky branch of the Amur Tiger Center- Normal people will not be at such a time not what to hunt, but just to disturb animals.  The crime committed by young people, but here are signs of the composition of Art.  258 of the Criminal Code, nothing can not be justified.  Both citizens are working, moving in a car with imported weapons, so the statement that they were killed in order to survive is absurd.  Wild meat poachers are the most dangerous category that actually affects the abundance of the Amur tiger.  Termination of the activity of such groups is the main task of the hunting supervision.”

From January 1 to March 20, 2015, the state hunting inspectors of the operational groups of the KGBU “Directorate for the Protection of Wildlife and Protected Areas” of the Primorsky Krai in the course of environmental raids revealed 230 administrative offenses in the field of hunting.  40 units of illegal hunting weapons, including 11 with rifled barrels, were seized.  In addition, carcasses of illegally hunted ungulates were seized - 24 roe deer, 5 wild boars, 9 red deer and 3 spotted deer.

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