Help to solve a crime together

  • 06.08.2015
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Help to solve a crime together

In the Khabarovsk Krai, the determination of the circumstances of the death of a young Amur tiger, discovered on July 29, 2015, 8 kilometers from the village of Solontsovy in the Lazo region, continues. Police and hunting inspectors of the Khabarovsk Krai examined the scene of the incident and found important clues.

Experts of the Amur Tiger Center on the basis of a study of the submitted materials confirmed that the tiger cub died a violent death.  Currently, the Interior Ministry authorities are addressing the issue of a criminal case. The Amur Tiger Center is doing everything possible to assist in solving the crime and announces a reward for information that will help identify and expose the persons who committed it.

Now we can talk about the most likely circumstances of the incident.  Apparently, a tigress with a tiger cub at the age of 6-8 months or several tiger cubs followed a logging road.  Up to this point under the supervision of experts, they did not fall, having noted only once - during the general tiger census.  When a car appeared, the tiger cub for some reason lingered on the road, as a result of which it became a victim of poachers.  On the supposed day of his death - on July 29, the corpse of a young beast was discovered by a group of cyclists who followed Mount Ko.  After making a short video about the “terrible find”, they continued their journey, and following the same way back on August 1, they noticed that the tiger cub had disappeared.  Returning the next day to Khabarovsk, the tourists reported this fact in the media and published a video on the Internet.  On 3 August, an investigation team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was sent to the scene, reinforced by representatives of the hunting supervision service of the Khabarovsk Krai and a dog handler with a service dog trained to search for parts of the Amur tiger's body.  During the inspection of the scene and during other urgent measures, important clues were found that, in all likelihood, will help to identify the criminals.  The investigation has just begun and many circumstances in the interests of the investigation were not disclosed.  The Amur Tiger Center is doing everything possible to assist law enforcement agencies in solving the crime committed.

“In this age, the cub is not dangerous for people, especially if people in the car, and the tigress, raising offspring, tries eschews everything associated with the man. So killing, and this is a fact, it was sneaky and cynical, not for profit, but because of hooliganism or any other internal unsubstantiated ambitions. Investigators have yet to establish whether the killer tiger and whoever took his corpse, one and the same person. In any case, even if different people, each of them constitutes an offense under article 258.1 of the criminal code, and, if captured, everyone will be punished. For excitation of criminal case under article 258.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation there is every reason. Judging by the video, the tiger died a violent death, death from disease or attack of other predator is completely excluded” - Sergey Aramilev - Director of Primorsky branch of the Amur tiger Center.

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