New character of the "Good night, kids!" TV program – the amur tiger cub nicknamed Mur

  • 22.09.2014
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New character of the "Good night, kids!" TV program – the amur tiger cub nicknamed Mur

Hryusha, Stepashka and their friends will have a new colleague this fall - a real tiger cub. TV viewers will see the first episodes with a new hero at the end of October 2014. The prototype of the character was the Amur tiger, who lives in the Russian Far East - in Khabarovsky Krai and Primorsky Krai. And his name is Mur.

The tiger cub was presented at a press conference on September 22. It was attended by: Alexander Mitroshenkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the TV Company "CLASS!"; Anatoly Kirienko, Deputy Head of the Control Department of the President of the Russian Federation, member of the Supervisory Board of the Amur Tiger Center, Oksana Fedorova, the host of the show, Anna Mikhalkova, Dmitry Malikov, actors Natalia Golubentseva (Stepashka) and Oksana Chabanyuk (Hryusha).

The tiger will become a hero and a full-fledged program host on a specia purpose. The Amur tiger, listed in the Red Book, is one of the rarest representatives of the world fauna today. A big striped predator is a real pride of our country, according to the latest census there are only about 500 individuals in the wild. Recall that the Autonomous non-commercial organization “Center for research and preservation of the Amur tiger population” established at the initiative of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin by the Russian Geographical Society in July 2013 preserve this unique animal. In cooperation with the Amur Tiger Center the idea to create a new character was born. So that little citizens of our country could learn about the life of the largest cat.

The new character is an animated tiger made in 3D animation technique, a full-fledged sixth host of the show along with loved by all Piggy, Stepashka, Filya, Karkusha and Mishutka. Puppet characters, an animated character performed in 3D technique, people and animals in one shot is a new word in children's television.

The personality of Mur the tiger cub is that of a 7-10-year old child, a true representative of the feline family. He is wayward, but fair. Spitfire, but quick-witted. Kind, friendly, playful, ardent defender of wild nature. Together with other characters of the "Good Night, Kids!" TV show the tiger cub will tell about the animal kingdom, about the characteristics of different kinds of animals, birds and insects, so that little viewers will receive the first lessons of ecological education, kind and careful attitude to all life on Earth. The first thing Mur the tiger cub will visit his congeners - Amur tigers - to show them to viewers in all their glory not only in the zoo, but also in the wild.

The new character will appear both in the TV show and in the new cycle of educational programs "From the elephant to the ant with Khryusha and ..." The project will start on the "Carousel" channel in October 2014. The cycle will consist of 50 episodes about species of animals, their habits, habitat.

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