Two days left until opening of upgraded eco-trail Mys Severny

  • 25.08.2014
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Two days left until opening of upgraded eco-trail Mys Severny

On August 28 the upgrade of the Mys Severny eco-trail in the Sikhote-Alin Reserve will be completed. It was being landscaped by the student team Tiger, organized by the Amur Tiger Center for two months. There are no analogues of such a tourist route in the wild taiga on the tiger’s habitat in the entire Far East.

Only a few days left until the trail is ready to receive tourists. The unique student team Tiger is completing its work. 25 students, future biologists, ecologists, foresters, game wardens and veterinarians who were living in the reserve for two months without the benefits of civilization, have received the experience in surviving in the harsh conditions of the wild taiga, in any weather, without electricity and cell connection ... and with a great cause. All this was done in order to give visitors the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the nature of the reserve with minimal impact on the environment.

Dmitry Gorshkov, director of the Sikhote-Alin State Biosphere Reserve, after walking along the trail on the eve of the object's opening, sums up the results. "A good friend of mine, a couple of years after he started building a house, said: 

"I realized that I would build this house for the rest of my life". It is the same with the trail: it is impossible to complete; it will be necessary to work here for many years to come. The path is dynamic, it develops, requires constant care and maintenance. In two months, the student team Tiger has carried out the bulk of the work and has done even more then had been planned. In the future, less significant work will be carried out - to replace the decks, raise logs, do drainage after the rain. But the main thoroughfare of the trail is done. For the Sikhote-Alin Reserve and for me personally, this was the first experience of working with additional help. I think that in the future we will continue this kind of work and will try to do it on a volunteer basis".

According to Dmitry Yurievich, today the most significant object of the trail are decks. It was planned that their total length would be 600 meters. After torrential rains, the trail revealed problematic areas, which also had to be covered with decking, and now the length of the decking area has grown to 1 kilometer 40 meters.

In my opinion, we worked well, - says Alexander Kozhushko, the leader of the student team Tiger. - In spite of the typhoons and raging of the weather, a short period of time, the trail started to look comfortable. Many of us grew stronger both morally and physically, we have a close-knit team, diligent and responsible, thanks to which it was possible to work very fruitfully. The changes touched absolutely everyone. To distinguish someone as the best is difficult. We all are the best! "

Recall, that photographer Robert Birkby was the consultant for the construction of the trail. Mr Birkby is a specialist in nature conservation, a traveller and a writer. Also experts with six years of experience in the construction of eco-trails Anna Gritsuk and Natalia Ivanova came from the interregional organization the Great Baikal Trail to control the construction process.

The main functions of the eco-trail under construction are environmental and educational. The student team Tiger has contributes to the preservation of the unique nature of the Sikhote-Alin Reserve, including the Amur tiger. The main goal of the reserve throughout its existence has been the conservation of the rarest cat on the planet. During the environmental mission, the reserve staff shared their knowledge of the Amur Tiger, rare species of plants and animals, talked about research work in the reserve, methods of census and observing nature, and even how local minerals can be beneficial for your health.

The solemn opening will be held on August 28. Director of the Amur Tiger Centre’s Primorye branch Sergei Aramilev and director of the Sikhote-Alin Reserve Dmitry Gorshkov, will walk along the upgraded eco-trail with the students.

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